EzCash (Cash Pick-up)

Instant cash transfer service to over 40 countries

EzCash is an instant money transfer service enabling customers to send and receieve cash payments within minutes to and from any of our 55,000+ agent locations in over 40 countries. Customers are provided a security number to give to their beneficiary that must be quoted at the time of collecting their money, as well as providing their valid photo ID.

For customers receiving money in the Philippines, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, they can take advantage of our 'Pick-up Anywhere' service, allowing them to collect their money from any EzRemit location.

Please see below a list of our current fees:

Send Country Receive Country
Philippines Pakistan* India Bangladesh Sri Lanka Nepal
Bahrain BHD 2 Free BHD 1.8 BHD 1 BHD 1.5 BHD 1.5
Kuwait KWD 1.75 Free KWD 0.95 KWD 1 KWD 1 KWD 1.5
Oman OMR 2 Free OMR 2.5 OMR 2 OMR 2 OMR 2
UAE AED 20 Free AED 15 AED 15 AED 18 AED 15
Qatar QAR 20 Free QAR 16 QAR 15 QAR 15 QAR 15
Jordan JOD 5 Free JOD 3.5 JOD 2.85 JOD 2 JOD 4

*Nominal fee collected for transactions up to PKR 21,000 as per Central Bank Regulations.