How to become an EzRemit agent

To become an EzRemit agent please follow the below process.

  1. Application: Complete and submit the EzRemit enquriy form and an EzRemit representative will contact you within 48 hours
  2. Agreement: Discuss and agree terms and conditions with EzRemit representative and exchange any documentation required (see below) for compliance review and approval
  3. Integration: Connect to EzRemit online platform for UAT testing and agent training
  4. Activation: Begin offering EzRemit services

EzRemit Agent Criteria

  • You must be a Licensed Financial Institution authorised by the Central Bank of your country/territory to perform money transfer services
  • You must have Audited Financial Statements by an external company
  • You must subscribe to an AML policy or have an Anti-Money Laundering Registration Certificate

Documentation Required 

  • List of Authorised Signatories/Director
  • Central Bank Licence / Approval
  • Commerical Licence / IMTO Licence
  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Director / Owner/ Partners ID Copy
  • AML Policy & Manual Signed by MLRO
  • Shareholder List
  • Official Website URL